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Upholstery cleaning is best done regularly this ensures the dirt and grease does not get engrained in the fabric. Once dirt and grease is engrained it is much harder to remove and the cost of cleaning increases. In this instance the upholstery cleaning was in a conference centre. The seating was having a yearly clean to ensure that stains and general dirt were removed.

Why clean office chairs & upholstery?

Family homes and businesses share their living space with approximately two million dust mites. These dust mites live in the soft furnishings and feed on dead flakes of human skin which we shed throughout the day. Dust mites produce harmful faeces, this is a health hazard and left unchecked can cause skin irritation and breathing problem for Asthma sufferers. When particles are disturbed from a surface such as Carpets, Upholstery, Sofas, Chairs, Beds etc they can remain airborne for several minutes, unseen by the human eye.

As well as the pollutants we generate within our work area or office, we also carry in other pollutants from outside. The workplace or office upholstery is full of unseen dirt.

We can remove these pollutants from your upholstery.

Office Cleaning

When our cleaners go into a commercial premises we are looking to leave the rooms tidy and ready for the next days business. We often find when business owners see the difference an upholstery clean can make they are prepared to look at other areas of their office, like carpets and hard floors.

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